Twin Flame Films

Meet Us



 A little bit about our love 

As of about 5 years we have been together, in love! Emily is from Kansas and Mykel from Arizona, but we met in Colorado! Well...kind of... We have one of those new age online dating  love stories where we "matched"  while Emily was visiting on vacation, but never got a chance to connect in person (due to Mykel's "present moment/ anti-cellphone outlook"). Well, after several months of late into the nights phone calls, Mykel being the crazy romantic that he is, drove 8 hours to Lawrence, KS to finally meet Emily and its been magic ever since. 

We spent the first few years of our time together residing in Denver, CO where this film brand of ours was born. We later packed up and moved to Utah- where we currently call home. As a couple we are big into traveling. Whether it be road tripping the U.S. in our camper van or traveling to a foreign country- we are both endlessly inspired by standing in places we've never stood before and learning about this vast, wonderful world we live in.  Aside from traveling, we enjoy doing almost everything outside- camping, backpacking, hiking, exploring the desert, sleeping next to streams in the mountains, taking Molly for a morning stroll, trying to name the trees as we pass them, etc. We are also keen on playing Yahtzee (arguably too much Yahtzee), cooking for each other,  meeting new people, drinking large amounts of coffee and snuggling up to watch New Girl on the couch. 


While we spend a lot of our time together as a couple and as co-workers, we are big advocates of nurturing ourselves as individuals. When Mykel isn't filming, editing or doing any of the above- he's most likely rollerblading with his friends, researching the newest (or oldest) camera gear, taking photos on large format film, and developing those film photos in his darkroom. In her free time, Emily enjoys reading, researching astrology, studying psychology, having cocktails with friends, making honest attempts at stained glass art,  baking, redecorating the house (excessively) and thrift store shopping.

All & all we're your average quirky couple and we love what we do! We are energized by meeting new people and are enormously inspired by the unique stories of the couples we work with.